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Low Cost Travel is the leading metasearch engine for hotel prices and offers, helping travelers find accommodation, flights and tours at the lowest possible price. But how do we do it? What’s the secret behind the magic? Unlike regular magic tricks performed by magicians we are thrilled to let you into the secret of Low Cost Travel magic.

Low Cost Travel compares rates from many different booking sites to give users the best choices available. The company was founded with a vision of making it easier for people to travel more often by providing a one-stop shop that would help them find great deals on flights, accommodations, and tours. So no matter business or pleasure Low Cost Travel will enhance your entire booking and travel experience.

So…we are a metasearch engine, but what is a metasearch engine? We are a global travel comparison website for travel deals. We compare and display different offers from many booking sites. Low Cost Travel does not collect any payments for your stay nor is Low Cost Travel liable for the services offered by the booking site and accommodation provider.

You have in your hands great power, you can now find the perfect hotel and flights to your next dream vacation with just one search. We have all types of destinations, so no matter what you are looking for your perfect destination is always waiting for you here at Low Cost Travel.

We use our cutting edge software to pinpoint the best travel locations and deals out there and then pass these to you! Just like magic when you click on an accommodation offer, we transfer you to the booking site that is offering you the deal you have chosen.
So you get the best of both worlds, you get the best deals out there, and yet you deal directly with the provider of the travel product of your choosing.

What’s more as we don’t charge our users commission, by using Low Cost Travel your money goes further, our service costs you nothing!

So sit back, relax, and find the next perfect hotel, flight or tour right away.